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No B.O. DEO!
  • No B.O. DEO!

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    Our Himalayan Pink Salt deodorant is a natural solution to remove the body odors and to eliminate a non toxic load of artificial chemicals into your skin.
    We promote wellness and health. 
    NO B.O DEO contains a mineral salt called potassium alum. Used for centuries in Southeast Asia, this natural deodorant alternative started gaining popularity in the West in the 1980s. 
    First, it's important to know that "B.O DEO" is not an antiperspirant.
    FYI: Deodorant and anti-perspirant—though often combined in mainstream products—are two different things.
    Antiperspirants block sweat ducts to prevent you from sweating, while deodorants kill odor-causing bacteria. Mineral salt and purified water. These salts are used as a natural and hypoallergenic deodorizer.
    “No B.O Deo” Himalayan Salt Spray is an unprocessed with chemical free salts containing 84 minerals which are absorbed by the skin. Shake before each use!
    Our ingredients:
    8.8 Alkaine water,
    Himalayan Pink Salt,
    Magnesenium Salt,
    Corn Starch,
    Epsom Salt, 
    and Essential Oils.
    10 ounce Spray Bottle
    • Return Policy

      This is a self care item. Due to Covid-19 we can not exhange products nor refund for use or opened products. 

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